Can Pak Environmental

Waste Management & Recycling in Central Alberta

Service starts as low as $45 / month

Can Pak is a family-run business serving residential homes, acreages, commercial and industrial properties on a one time, short term or full time basis. We offer “on-site consultation,” and our complete line of services include:
  • Residential collection & disposal including rural properties (acreages)
  • Yard Waste and Composting
  • Commercial Container services ranging in size from 3 Cyd to 8 Cyd.
  • Industrial & Construction Containers rentals ranging in size from 14 Cyd – 40 Cyd
  • Commercial Recycling Programs
  • On-site Baling and Purchasing of Scrap Metal
  • Blue Box Recycling Collection and Processing
  • Junk Removal Service

If you have more questions or need to get started, please fill out a quote form. For service or other information feel free to contact us.


Did You Know?

  Rainforests are being cut down by the rate of 100 acres per minute.   Aluminum cans thrown away outside can take up to 500 years to decompose, a plastic bottle 700 years and a glass bottle would take 4000 years to decompose.
  14 - 20oz plastic bottles = will make enough fibre to make an x-large t-shirt or 1 square foot of carpet.  

We are currently accepting payments for:
And we are working on getting online banking.